How to Screenshot

If you are having an issue with Medic52, and are in contact with our support team, we may ask you to provide a screenshot of what you are seeing in order to help us detect the exact issue you are having. This article shows you how to take a screenshot on […]

Android v3.0.13

The team is very happy to announce, that after being hard at work reviewing, refactoring and tweaking the Medic52 Cases Android app for a number of months, we have a great update available for immediate download. What’s new in this release: Full bottom up rebuild NEW synchronisation mechanism NEW Automatically calculates […]

iOS 3.1.0

It’s a great day for iOS users today, our iPhone app has grown up to an iPad. Today you can update the application to work on an iPad. Here is what’s so special about this release: NEW portrait and landscape view for whatever view you prefer NEW Quick user switching allowing patrollers to […]

Changing your Dispatch Map popup

Having quick and easy access to put in the data you need is really important. This is why we have the dispatch quick access popup that you can customise to meet your needs. It is designed so you can take notes and add key information to the incident without having to visit […]

How to clear your browser cache & cookies

If things are not working quite like you see in the help articles, then here are instructions on how to clear your browsers cache. Google Chrome To delete cookies and cache for a specific site in Google Chrome, follow the instructions given below: Launch Google Chrome and click on the […]

How to create / update a PDF printout template

The output of your incident from Medic52 is ultimately very flexible. We recommend as part of your change management strategy that your paper print out matches (as close as possible) your current paper based form. There are a few reasons for this: If it’s the same, then we are changing less, […]

Web Dispatch Update 3.1.0

Today marks a significant feature release for managing, auditing and compliance around controlled substances like pain relief medication and explosives. We have also updated the management of charts and reports so you can build, save and re-run quickly. NEW Resort Settings Change your dispatch map starting point Update the logo […]

How to generate a chart

As a manager or dispatcher in Medic52 Dispatch you can generate charts on your data.  Any data point that has been entered into the system can be used to report and chart upon. Here are a few ideas: Age spread of patients Participant activity Injuries sustained Beginners on intermediate or […]

Troubleshoot Printing Issues

This article will give you some tips about how to get your cases printed to paper via a printer. Often printing issue’s are related to device/computer configuration not with Medic52. Background: When you hit print on the device, the system generates, and displays/downloads a PDF. Because different devices and web browsers […]