Managing status on an Incident

Incidents can progress through a lifecycle, and to keep track of them you can use the status field. The status’ available in Medic52 are: Call Received (Red) – A new Incident is added, and needs attention Assigned (Red) – The incident has been assigned to a patroller to investigate On Scene […]

Creating an incident

From the Dispatch map screen, get the point at which you would like the incident to be placed in the centre of the view. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or click and drag to move the map around.   Click on the red “Add +” icon, on the […]

Dispatch map keyboard shortcuts

We have a few hot keys embedded in to the Map screen to help dispatchers navigate around the resort map without constant use of a mouse. Use + to zoom in on the map Use – to zoom out of the map The Arrow keys allow you to move around the […]

How to reset your password

How to reset your password on Medic52. First, try and check your login email is valid. Then you will be prompted to login. If you have no luck, then click on forgotten password below the fields. On the forgotten password page, enter you email address. If we can find your […]

Building a map overlay

The dispatch system can use Google Maps, Google Earth, or open maps to display your resort. However many of these systems do not have current information about your buildings, lifts and runs. To add a better set of data to Medic52, we allow an overlay of your mapping data to be […]

What are you working on?

Here are a few lists of the items we have in our back log. It consists of items in the ideas bucket, through to what we have executed and delivered. Clicking on an item will open up our Trello board, and show you more info. Please login to Trello (it’s […]

Is patient data secure?

All sensitive patient data in Medic52 is encrypted at every possible opportunity. In short, we take every precaution to protect the information you collect, however if you need to know more, please read on. Data on a smartphone or portable device using the installed Medic52 app on Android & iOS is […]

Desktop Browser minimum requirements

To use the dispatch and reporting system on a desktop we require the following: PC / Windows: Google Chrome 40+ Mozilla Firefox 35+ Internet Explorer version 11+ Macintosh: Google Chrome 40+ Mozilla Firefox 35+ Safari not supported (It is missing critical HTML5 components and things don’t work correctly). Linux / Ubuntu: […]

Android & iOS Device minimum requirements

Here are the devices and platforms we test on, and know works well. General requirement You will need more than 500mb free space on your device. Android Minimum version of Android is 4.1 Jelly Bean or later (API Version 16) Access to Google Play to download and install the app. […]

Corporate Firewalls

If you are accessing our systems from inside a corporate IT environment, then this is the stuff your techy people will need to know: System Background The application is spread across multiple data centres in different countries. In the initial connection requests to Medic52, the app or web will be geo-routed […]