Do I use the mobile app in a blizzard/rain/cold/wind?

And we counter with: Would you fill out your report form on paper in a blizzard/rain/cold/wind?

I suspect the answer is : No.

And we are not expecting you to magically have ski patrol super powers because you use Medic52 (although we are working on that dream).

At the very minimum you should create the case and take a couple photos on scene. The rest you can complete later, in the warm, dry more comfortable surroundings of the patrol base or medical centre just the same as you do now with a paper based form.

The reason for doing those two simple things are:

  1. The app will log your exact location using GPS (so you don’t have to do it via a map later)
  2. The app will record the time of the incident (so you don’t have to change it later)
  3. The app can take photos on scene (the best evidence is a photo taken with the patient in, and it paints a thousand words)

This scenario won’t be the same all the time either. If the patient is a walk in to your patrol room, none of the above applies when you create the incident.

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