Understanding Case Sync Status

This article aims to give you a run down on how case status works, and give you peace of mind that your data has been syncronized to the server as you work.

We use traffic light colors to help identify what is going on with your cases. On the list of cases there are two icons on the right side.

1) Padlock icon is

  • Red for Closed
  • Green for Open

When the padlock is red your case is closed and you cannot make any changes to your case. In order to do so you must contact a Manager to have the case re-opened and assigned to you so you can continue editing.

Try to ensure you case is fully completed before you close it. 

2) Status icon is

  • Green all data has been syncronized with the server
  • Orange there is data waiting to be sent to the server – the device will sync as soon as a network becomes available
  • Red there has been a problem with syncronization – Open the Info screen to view error messages

The most common errors occur when you try to make changes to a closed case. Pressing the ‘Force’ button to send up data will make no difference until the case is reopened.

NOTE: If you are not online, the status icon will be orange – all the time as your changes are stored on your device until such time as it can push them up to the server.

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