What user levels are there?

In Medic52 we have three levels of users, Patrollers, Dispatchers & Managers.

Each can do a few different things within the system that is detailed below.


  • Log in to web system
  • Login and register on mobile device
  • Create cases
  • View only existing Cases assigned to them
  • Edit only open Cases, assigned to them
  • Edit their own account details (email & password)
  • Print cases via web admin (print on device only if enabled in resort settings)
  • View my devices

Users that register a new account on a mobile device are set to Patroller’s access level. They must be upgraded on the web by a Manager to have more rights.


  • Same as Patroller, plus
  • View and manage case on the Map
  • Assign cases to other users
  • Create and manage reports
  • View heatmap


  • Same as Dispatcher, plus
  • View, create, delete and manage users
  • Change user roles
  • Re-open closed cases
  • Delete devices
  • Remote wipe device

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