WEB release v4.1.12

Here’s today’s release for app.medic52.com on the web. A number of items here as a result of direct user feedback – thankyou and keep it coming!


  • When click next / prev at the bottom, scroll back to top when changing tabs


  • Alert when status changes to case closed to notify you that you wont be able to change it any more
  • Error notification on inputs
  • Error handling and counter for inputs in incidents
  • Sorted multiple select checkbox lists in to a-z in columns (instead of a-z along the horizontal columns)


  • rearranged GCS to the correct order
  • Issue in permissions and visibility of modules eligibility to assess
  • Map pins duplicating as you change status
  • caching issues when changing configurations
  • Date issues, and formatting, complete date on Printed Forms
  • Date issues on data entry
  • Shift report timezone issue

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  1. Michael Metcalf

    We, at Mt Spokane user of Medic 52, noticed and appreciated the improvements !

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